I received my Corehart from Michael today in the mail and all I can say is...wow! This a great larger knife that is very nimble in the hand. The very generous handle is rock solid in my grip and the matte jade G-10 is tacky and beautiful. The craftsmanship is excellent and the thought that went into the design is very obviously from the mind of a knife user.

All of my knife use includes food prep so I wanted to give the Corehart a workout in the kitchen before taking her out into the woods and doing woodcraft and fire craft. Since lots of my knife use is processing game, I figured that in the off season, I would settle for processing a whole beef tenderloin. For those of you that hunt, you know that a smaller, thinner blade is a bit easier to use for meat processing but, since the Corehart was begging for a workout, I used it to cut the filet, and then trim up the individual steaks. At 3/16" thick, removing the silver skin SHOULD have been a tough job without losing a lot of meat in the process. The Corehart performed as well as any knife I have ever used for this task. It is sharp enough to make an initial cut and then follow just under the silver skin to remove it and leave the meat. Worked through the whole filet leaving beautiful round 1 1/4" filets.

Moving on from the steaks, I sliced a quart of fresh Alabama strawberries for shortcake. This SHOULD have been a tall request for a thick hard use knife but, I was shocked at the ease of cutting 1/8" to 3/16" slices. For those who don't know, we grow relatively small strawberries in AL so, getting 6-8 slices out of a strawberry not much larger than a grape is no easy task...the Corehart excelled...

The next task was cutting quail (sweet little appetizers) in half for the grill. The Corehart blew through the 4 quail with very little pressure...no sawing.

Finally, and probably the most telling test was the fresh tomato. I sliced a large beefsteak tomato into 9 slices (then topped with Amish green onion butter cheese and Italian seasoning (for those interested)). The Corehart was able to slice beautifully through the tomato with no mashing or bruising. I do not need to touch up the edge after as it is still sharp enough to do all those tasks again...at least.

When everything was safely on the grill, I called Michael to let him know how the knife did in the kitchen. As I gave him the list of kitchen tasks, he was surprised to hear the knife sliced tomato and strawberries. Again, I don't care that this knife is 3/16" thick and can be pounded through a car hood, I care that it can perform the tasks I will ask it to: woodcraft, fire craft, process game and yes, even slice a tomato. Those are all real world scenarios for me.

I love this knife. I still love my others but, I am really astounded at the performance so far. I will follow up one more time after the Memorial day weekend when I will give her an outdoor workout. In the meantime...



Got the Coremuk today, MAN O MAN this thing is NICE!!
And it even smells good, lol.
Thanks again for this hand crafted beauty!



I received the Slim Tasker today. Man it's way better in person and more than I ever thought. I can't wait to get it out camping. Thanks again for a great knife!!



Guys- I got my first "Core" knife recently. In a word, it is "Sweet"!!



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